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interzone perceptible  plays  h e s p o s


kaleidoskopes luftsilber

spirits to akkordeon, e-bass (fretless)

and elektroAcoustic effects

by Hans-Joachim Hespos

Recorded, edited, mixed and mastered May-December 2003 by Interzone perceptible at the electronic studio of the Akademie der Künste Berlin / Germany

total duration: 54'

tracks: 1

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kaleidoskopes luftsilber, Hespos' musical vision that lives on the moment of coming into existence and defies any attempt of conservation - a composition that was at the start of the recording sessions found to be notCDable - this is the result of that journey.

[ip, 25. IV. 2004]

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published in May 2004 by artists own / NRW Vertrieb


[LC Nr. 13389 • AOL 3003]

(P) 2003 interzone perceptible

(C) 2004 artists own / interzone perceptible

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