Silent-movie concert. Those who think of Strings or Piano are dead wrong when it comes to Interzone perceptible. Instead you'll hear an electrified accordion, bass and electro-thingamagisms. The whole thing comfortably withdrawn and without a knack for exaggerated scene interpretations. A dark-mystic flokati rug of sound, not haphazard, not compliant. Fritz Lang's in part motivically much overwrought yet impressive monumental cinema appears, in combination with the sharpened minimalistic score, astonishingly frightening. In the end you'll find yourself, previously least susceptible to an ear worm but now broken and dusty, unable to rid yourself of the Film's pompous epigram: "The mediator between brain and hand must be the heart".  


[translated by Michael Rook]


METROPOLIS/KAPILLAR at Eulenspiegel Essen/Germany


[Jan-Paul | nov. 9th 2007 -]