The Golem: How he came into the world

(Der Golem - wie er in die Welt kam)

[silent film, Paul Wegener / Carl Boese (1920)]

live-music: Pujah [2005/10] by IzP


duration: 85'

(first performed: may 04th 2005, Essen / Germany)


He cannot speak, but follows orders. “Golem” is the Hebrew word for “unshaped form”, and in the mystical tradition of Judaism a ritual is mentioned in which inanimate material can be brought to life. Rabbi Loew creates one such artificial being, in human form, out of loam and clay. 


The image of the golem is one of elemental force, rife with secret, supernatural, ritual, and unspoken elements. Pujah is a proto-word, spoken prior to the learning of a language. This enduring anachronism reveals itself to the public through the dusty mire of a brutish landscape of sound that swirls up the detritus of history.

Music for amplified accordion, electric bass, live electronics, keyboard, screaming and whispering, and drum computer.

[translated by Eric Flesher / USA]